Bye Bye Wings

The whole point of this sculpture was to make a Jack Skellington with super awesome wings, and I’ve decided after months of deliberation that this sculpture works way better without the wings. I still have those wings though, and I will find a good way to use them.



In other news, I’m currently working on another Nightmare Before Christmas sculpture involving Jack and Sally. My weaknesses with the previous Jack and Sally sculpture: feet and hands. Guess what I’m going to try and improve on this time?  #hooray for second chances.

Lawyer Figurine

I had the opportunity to sculpt an 8 inch lawyer figurine for a client. Super fun, and the most realistically proportioned sculpture I’ve ever made. (especially in the eyes, they aren’t cartoonishly huge!)  I loved working on the folds in the robes and the challenge of sculpting an architectural prop for the first time.

IMG_2454[1] IMG_2456[1] IMG_2460[1]IMG_2457[1]

Disney Fairies Fawn Sculpt


Here’s a sculpt of Fawn from the Disney Fairies movies, well more specifically its her redesign from Neverbeast. Anyways, its coming along, still have to make her right arm and of course finish the bird. I’m going to try and use the airbrush on this one again, it will be more of a challenge than the Jack sculpt because of all the different colours she’ll need.

Jack Skellington Wings

The winged King of Halloween is coming along. Lots of new techniques that I’m trying out on this piece, namely carving and sanding the clay after its baked to give it a more chiseled and sleek look. Also I bought an airbrush so I’m painting it with that. The airbrush really takes the final look of the sculpture to the next level with its completely smooth application of paint, and gorgeous gradients can be achieved.

Next up, his clothes, which will be made of black velvet with silver thread pinstripes…its gonna be sweet.