Hi! just a quick goal sheet: Want to make something Disney Fairies related, need to finish painting a lilypad design on a picnic table that's twice the size of a regular picnic table (which I think is awesome), want to make a Jedi sculpture, want to figure out how an old fuzzy TV and a bunch of tin can lids and a couple toothbrushes could become an awesome recycle art sculpture.




I like both versions of her eyes for different reasons. The first is what I had decided was the finished version. The eyes are soft,  yet dark and a bit unwilling. You really have to get close to the painting and search her eyes to see the wonder and detail in them. The other version lights her up. I watched the Lego Movie (yes I am going there) and noticed that in order to make it clear that the main character was an average, uncharacteristic, Joe, they left the light out of his eyes. All of the other characters had light painted in their eyes. That's when I painted light in her eyes, to see how she changed. My first thought was "your awake now."


Hello and welcome!

I am currently working on a painting of my daughter, Alice. It's about 3 ft by 2 ft. My goal is to finish it by February because I would like to include it in an exhibit at my local leisure centre. I get to show four large paintings in a really nice open space with lots of natural light.

Here is a sneak peek at where I am at right now with The Alice Painting:



I am also currently reworking a painting from university. It's abstract with a focus mainly on colour and depth and movement. This is what it looked like before I started reworking it:



And here is a taste of it now:


I keep adding and taking away from it constantly so we shall see where it goes. It will also be part of the February exhibit.