Custom Art for You


Interested? Please contact me at BrennaMiller20(at)gmail(dot)com

General Information:

Email me a photo of your special person or pet. I can combine multiple photos into one drawing if requested. Drawings are done by hand in pencil. You will have the physical drawing shipped to you.

Free standard shipping for drawings. Shipping only within Canada at this time

Pay with e-transfer, please.

Sizes & Prices

For 8×10 inch:

Single subject: $80

Group Portrait: $80 + $40 for each additional subject

For 9×12 inch:

Single Subject: $100

Group Portrait: $100 + $50 for each additional subject

For 11×14 inch:

Single Subject: $120

Group Portrait: $120+$60 for each additional subject


General Information:

Figurines are created using a custom -built wire armature secured to a base, and then they are sculpted out of an oven-bake clay called Super Sculpey. After the baking, they are carefully hand painted with meticulous attention to detail.

$10 regular parcel shipping (4 business days). Only shipping within Canada at this time.

Pay with etransfer, please.

Size & Price

Size approx 6-7 inch tall: $200

Thankyou for your interest in custom art! Feel free to email me with any questions or ideas.

Scottish Terrier

I’ve drawn portraits of people’s pets, but never tried sculpting someone’s pet until now. This one’s of my friend’s scottish terrier. It’s 3 inches tall, made of super sculpey and painted with an airbrush. The airbrush still scares me, I have to learn to control it more, but still fun stuff!

MS Paint

This is how I make digital art. MS Paint is solid. pixel-love right here.


A character that I started drawing right after my twins were born. Wrote a whole poem about how he has an adventurous life even though he can’t fly. It will be a storybook someday and I’ll make the illustrations. Hashtag dreams.


Melting plastic, making bird feet

I just picked up a soldering multi-tool and I’ve been experimenting with it. Came up with this bird-like body just by melting plastic garbage together. I’m aiming to turn it into a phoenix, an especially meaningful symbol after the fires in Fort McMurray, AB.


Excited to Start Something New

Hi! just a quick goal sheet: Want to make something Disney Fairies related, need to finish painting a lilypad design on a picnic table that’s twice the size of a regular picnic table (which I think is awesome), want to make a Jedi sculpture, want to figure out how an old fuzzy TV and a bunch of tin can lids and a couple toothbrushes could become an awesome recycle art sculpture.

A Little More Soul?




I like both versions of her eyes for different reasons. The first is what I had decided was the finished version. The eyes are soft,¬† yet dark and a bit unwilling. You really have to get close to the painting and search her eyes to see the wonder and detail in them. The other version lights her up. I watched the Lego Movie (yes I am going there) and noticed that in order to make it clear that the main character was an average, uncharacteristic, Joe, they left the light out of his eyes. All of the other characters had light painted in their eyes. That’s when I painted light in her eyes, to see how she changed. My first thought was “your awake now.”



Hello and welcome!

I am currently working on a painting of my daughter, Alice. It’s about 3 ft by 2 ft. My goal is to finish it by February because I would like to include it in an exhibit at my local leisure centre. I get to show four large paintings in a really nice open space with lots of natural light.

Here is a sneak peek at where I am at right now with The Alice Painting:



I am also currently reworking a painting from university. It’s abstract with a focus mainly on colour and depth and movement. This is what it looked like before I started reworking it:



And here is a taste of it now:


I keep adding and taking away from it constantly so we shall see where it goes. It will also be part of the February exhibit.