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I am a University of Lethbridge graduate, currently living in Airdrie, AB. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2012,  married a great man soon after I graduated and now I'm a mom to three beautiful girls. I'm constantly making art, whether I'm working on an acrylic painting, or fleshing out a poem, or drawing caricatures of the faces in my high school year book.

Chair and Me


I started drawing back in elementary school. There was a picture of a cartoon dragon hanging in the classroom that I copied into my notebook over and over. That's when the other kids starting asking me to draw them stuff.

Since then my interest in cartoons and animation has only grown. I am an avid fan-artist. Making fanart has always been my guilty pleasure, and though I never handed my art teacher a picture of, say, 'Porky Pig', my drawings still incorporated the colour and strong line-work that I'd grown so fond of in animation.

I also enjoy making simple, everyday objects seem fantastical. In university I became intrigued with plastic bread-fasteners because they are uniquely shaped, come in a array of colours, and are often inscribed with cryptic text. I made three human-sized bread fasteners out of plywood, and also collected so many of the actual objects that I wove them into bags and blankets and bowls.

I enjoy the usual stuff like painting and drawing, and I also sculpt figurines out of Super Sculpey (a clay that is soft until baked).

Nowadays I'm also delving into the world of recycle-art and creating sculptures out of "junk materials". My favorite materials include tin can lids, plastic bottle caps, bread fasteners and used toothbrushes.










September 2007- April 2011      BFA            University of Lethbridge

May - June 2012                         BFA        University of Calgary  (Visiting Student)

October 2012     Received Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Great Distinction


Exhibition Record

2010    The Object of My Attention, Juried exhibition, University of Lethbridge Art    Gallery. Curated by Sandra Dyck.

2011     Out of the Ordinary, Juried exhibition, University of Lethbridge Art Gallery.  Curated by Emily Falvey

2013    Art in City Hall, Martin Room. April- May, Airdrie, AB

2013    Art in City Hall, Eldridge Room. October-November, Airdrie, AB

2014    Art in Genesis Place. February-March, Airdrie, AB

2016   Imagination Space, Airdrie Public Library Exhibit.  May-June. Airdrie, AB

2017 Fresh, group exhibition, GM Gallery at the Badlands Facility, Drumheller, AB.


Community Projects

2014   AIRdirondack Art Project Artist, Airdrie, AB (Bluejay Chair)

2014   Art in Motion, artwork featured on Bus Pass, January 2015, Airdrie, AB

2015    AIRdirondack Art Project Artist, Airdrie, AB (Frog Chair)

2016   Art in Motion, artwork featured on bus pass, May 2016, Airdrie, AB

2016   Picnic Table Painting for public parks, Airdrie, AB

2016  AIRdirondack Art Project Artist, Airdrie, AB (Tiger Chair)



 2008   George Varzari Sculpture Award, University of Lethbridge

2009   3rd place in “So-Called Real Life” One Minute Video Challenge, Glenbow Museum,

2010    Abbondanza Fine Arts Scholarship, University of Lethbridge

2010    Art Society Award, University of Lethbridge

2011     Excellence in Art Studio Award, University of Lethbridge

2014     Eco Art Award 3rd  place winner, Airdrie, AB

2015     Eco Art Award 2nd place winner, Airdrie, AB


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