Scottish Terrier

I’ve drawn portraits of people’s pets, but never tried sculpting someone’s pet until now. This one’s of my friend’s scottish terrier. It’s 3 inches tall, made of super sculpey and painted with an airbrush. The airbrush still scares me, I have to learn to control it more, but still fun stuff!

MS Paint

This is how I make digital art. MS Paint is solid. pixel-love right here.


A character that I started drawing right after my twins were born. Wrote a whole poem about how he has an adventurous life even though he can’t fly. It will be a storybook someday and I’ll make the illustrations. Hashtag dreams.


From Easter Zebras to Bottle cap Dragons

Hello, I’ve discovered that plastic easter eggs make great sculptural materials. Hey I love bright colors and I think its always appropriate to combine bright colors with animals. These zebras have a wire armature, and since easter eggs come with convenient little holes in the tops and bottoms, I threaded the wire right through them.

easter zebras

Also whipped up this easter lion. Seriously the plastic eggs shaped themselves into a mane and simply asked me to make the rest of it. It was not my idea.

easter lion

This dragon is made of caps, bread clips, dental flossers, coat hangers, easter eggs…I love it!

bottle dragon bottle dragon 2

Candy Wrapper Phoenix (Murray)

Here is the phoenix that I created by melting a pit of plastic together, but mostly by covering every inch of everything in candy wrappers with my glue gun. The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, and it seemed fitting to give new meaning to garbage materials by turning them into this legendary bird.

This year Fort McMurray of Alberta, Canada was almost completely destroyed by wildfires, and now the city is starting to rebuild again.

I named the phoenix Murray.


TIGRESS AIRdirondack Chair 2016

The one time when I’ve liked the final result better than the design proposal. This is my completed painted chair for Airdrie’s AIRdirondack Art Project. 12 chairs were made by different artists, and right now they are all posted on an online auction until the end of September to raise money for the arts community.  It’s very exciting! Here is the online auction:

This is my favourite chair to date because I kept things loose – the design, the way I   painted, the flow and mix of colour and paint, I painted in a way that felt natural. My previous chairs had very gridded designs that had to be painted crisp and even. I had more fun painting this one, for sure. Also, I finally made the back of the chair as cool as the front of the chair (something I saw other artists do last year and boy does it make for a more compelling chair!) I actually started painting the back first, to make sure I did it, haha.

Tiger chair_MG_0089IMG_0204IMG_0190