TIGRESS AIRdirondack Chair 2016

The one time when I’ve liked the final result better than the design proposal. This is my completed painted chair for Airdrie’s AIRdirondack Art Project. 12 chairs were made by different artists, and right now they are all posted on an online auction until the end of September to raise money for the arts community.  It’s very exciting! Here is the online auction: https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/26155/auctions/31252?reset_filter=1

This is my favourite chair to date because I kept things loose – the design, the way I   painted, the flow and mix of colour and paint, I painted in a way that felt natural. My previous chairs had very gridded designs that had to be painted crisp and even. I had more fun painting this one, for sure. Also, I finally made the back of the chair as cool as the front of the chair (something I saw other artists do last year and boy does it make for a more compelling chair!) I actually started painting the back first, to make sure I did it, haha.

Tiger chair_MG_0089IMG_0204IMG_0190

Bye Bye Wings

The whole point of this sculpture was to make a Jack Skellington with super awesome wings, and I’ve decided after months of deliberation that this sculpture works way better without the wings. I still have those wings though, and I will find a good way to use them.



In other news, I’m currently working on another Nightmare Before Christmas sculpture involving Jack and Sally. My weaknesses with the previous Jack and Sally sculpture: feet and hands. Guess what I’m going to try and improve on this time?  #hooray for second chances.

Melting plastic, making bird feet

I just picked up a soldering multi-tool and I’ve been experimenting with it. Came up with this bird-like body just by melting plastic garbage together. I’m aiming to turn it into a phoenix, an especially meaningful symbol after the fires in Fort McMurray, AB.


AIRdirondack project 2016

So exciting, I just found out I get to paint a third chair for the AIRdirondack Art Project! So I’m doing an animal themed chair again (first chair was a bluejay, second was a frog) but each year my style has become less abstract and more representational/realistic. This next chair will be the most real-to-life animal I’ve done. Also, and it took me long enough, I’m going to do something awesome on the back!


Art in the Library

16 months- 3 yrs old 329 16 months- 3 yrs old 330 I16 months- 3 yrs old 331

I’ve had a most spectacular opportunity to showcase about 30 pieces of art in the Airdrie Public Library from May-June 2016.  The pictures above show the artworks that are hanging above the children’s information books and the bottle cap dragon hanging above young adult fiction ( Love how the curators fitted the artworks to go with the themes of the literature!)

The dragon fell apart a little, and I’ve come to terms with it. It fell apart in a way that still works, you know? The tin lids that fell off left echoes of themselves as the paint that was around the lids now defines those missing scales. I mean, of course I can’t wait to get it back in my hands to fix it, but for now it’s okay!

Picnic Table

Here is the picnic table with the lily pad design I’ve been working on. I’m officially done blocking in the blue, now its time for some green!IMG_2525[1]

Chinese Dragon: Bottlecaps and bread fasteners and Tins

Chinese Bottle dragon

This is a recycle art piece that I’ve been working on the past month. I’ve always liked these dragons because of their array of colours and textures. The chinese dragon was the perfect subject to start exploring with recycle art because of what each different material could bring to it. This is on two panels. Each panel is 2 ft by 4 ft.