Chinese Dragon: Bottlecaps and bread fasteners and Tins

Chinese Bottle dragon

This is a recycle art piece that I’ve been working on the past month. I’ve always liked these dragons because of their array of colours and textures. The chinese dragon was the perfect subject to start exploring with recycle art because of what each different material could bring to it. This is on two panels. Each panel is 2 ft by 4 ft.

Lawyer Figurine

I had the opportunity to sculpt an 8 inch lawyer figurine for a client. Super fun, and the most realistically proportioned sculpture I’ve ever made. (especially in the eyes, they aren’t cartoonishly huge!)  I loved working on the folds in the robes and the challenge of sculpting an architectural prop for the first time.

IMG_2454[1] IMG_2456[1] IMG_2460[1]IMG_2457[1]