From Easter Zebras to Bottle cap Dragons

Hello, I’ve discovered that plastic easter eggs make great sculptural materials. Hey I love bright colors and I think its always appropriate to combine bright colors with animals. These zebras have a wire armature, and since easter eggs come with convenient little holes in the tops and bottoms, I threaded the wire right through them.

easter zebras

Also whipped up this easter lion. Seriously the plastic eggs shaped themselves into a mane and simply asked me to make the rest of it. It was not my idea.

easter lion

This dragon is made of caps, bread clips, dental flossers, coat hangers, easter eggs…I love it!

bottle dragon bottle dragon 2

Candy Wrapper Phoenix (Murray)

Here is the phoenix that I created by melting a pit of plastic together, but mostly by covering every inch of everything in candy wrappers with my glue gun. The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, and it seemed fitting to give new meaning to garbage materials by turning them into this legendary bird.

This year Fort McMurray of Alberta, Canada was almost completely destroyed by wildfires, and now the city is starting to rebuild again.

I named the phoenix Murray.


Melting plastic, making bird feet

I just picked up a soldering multi-tool and I’ve been experimenting with it. Came up with this bird-like body just by melting plastic garbage together. I’m aiming to turn it into a phoenix, an especially meaningful symbol after the fires in Fort McMurray, AB.


Chinese Dragon: Bottlecaps and bread fasteners and Tins

Chinese Bottle dragon

This is a recycle art piece that I’ve been working on the past month. I’ve always liked these dragons because of their array of colours and textures. The chinese dragon was the perfect subject to start exploring with recycle art because of what each different material could bring to it. This is on two panels. Each panel is 2 ft by 4 ft.