Disney Fairies Fawn Sculpt


Here’s a sculpt of Fawn from the Disney Fairies movies, well more specifically its her redesign from Neverbeast. Anyways, its coming along, still have to make her right arm and of course finish the bird. I’m going to try and use the airbrush on this one again, it will be more of a challenge than the Jack sculpt because of all the different colours she’ll need.

Excited to Start Something New

Hi! just a quick goal sheet: Want to make something Disney Fairies related, need to finish painting a lilypad design on a picnic table that’s twice the size of a regular picnic table (which I think is awesome), want to make a Jedi sculpture, want to figure out how an old fuzzy TV and a bunch of tin can lids and a couple toothbrushes could become an awesome recycle art sculpture.