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The whole point of this sculpture was to make a Jack Skellington with super awesome wings, and I've decided after months of deliberation that this sculpture works way better without the wings. I still have those wings though, and I will find a good way to use them.



In other news, I'm currently working on another Nightmare Before Christmas sculpture involving Jack and Sally. My weaknesses with the previous Jack and Sally sculpture: feet and hands. Guess what I'm going to try and improve on this time?  #hooray for second chances.

So exciting, I just found out I get to paint a third chair for the AIRdirondack Art Project! So I'm doing an animal themed chair again (first chair was a bluejay, second was a frog) but each year my style has become less abstract and more representational/realistic. This next chair will be the most real-to-life animal I've done. Also, and it took me long enough, I'm going to do something awesome on the back!


16 months- 3 yrs old 329 16 months- 3 yrs old 330 I16 months- 3 yrs old 331

I've had a most spectacular opportunity to showcase about 30 pieces of art in the Airdrie Public Library from May-June 2016.  The pictures above show the artworks that are hanging above the children's information books and the bottle cap dragon hanging above young adult fiction ( Love how the curators fitted the artworks to go with the themes of the literature!)

The dragon fell apart a little, and I've come to terms with it. It fell apart in a way that still works, you know? The tin lids that fell off left echoes of themselves as the paint that was around the lids now defines those missing scales. I mean, of course I can't wait to get it back in my hands to fix it, but for now it's okay!

I had the opportunity to sculpt an 8 inch lawyer figurine for a client. Super fun, and the most realistically proportioned sculpture I've ever made. (especially in the eyes, they aren't cartoonishly huge!)  I loved working on the folds in the robes and the challenge of sculpting an architectural prop for the first time.

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